Miss Colombia crowned Miss Universe 2014 at Miami


توجت ملكة جمال كولومبيا باولينا فيغا، ملكة لجمال الكون للعام 2015 في النسخة الثالثة والستين من هذه المسابقة التي نظمت في دورال قرب ميامي (جنوب شرق الولايات المتحدة).

وخلفت عارضة الازياء والطالبة في العلوم التجارية البالغة 22 عاما الفنزويلية غابرييلا ايسلر متغلبة على 87 مرشحة اخرى.

وتسلمت باولينا فيغا التاج دامعة مرتدية فستانا فضيا طويلا لماعا.

وهي ثاني كولومبية تفوز باللقب بعد لوث مارينا سولواغا في العام 1956.

وقد تأهلت الى المرحلة شبه النهائية 14 مرشحة اخرى من الارجنتين واستراليا والبرازيل واسبانيا والولايات المتحدة وفرنسا والهند واندونيسيا وايطاليا وجامايكا وهولندا والفيليبين واوكرانيا وفنزويلا.

اما الملكات الخمس اللواتي وصلن الى المرحلة النهائية فهن الى جانب باولينا فيغا، ملكة جمال كل من الولايات المتحدة وجامايكا واوكرانيا وهولندا. (ا ف ب).
New Delhi: As the world witnesses all the beauties under one roof, fighting it out to win the 63rd Miss Universe 2014 contest, held at Miami, we bring you the live updates here. Take a look at what happens when sizzling divas walk on the ramp.

The Miss Universe 2014 is Miss Colombia and first runner up is Miss USA.
The second runner up is Miss Ukraine
The third runner up is Miss Netherlands.
The fourth runner up is Miss Jamaica.
Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler (Venezuela) comes on stage.
A special tribute to Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler for 60 secs showing what all she did in the year after winning the crown.
A flashback showing former Miss Universe from past several years.
The ladies walk the night one last time before the winner is announced while Gavin performs live.
Singer Gavin DeGraw performs a medley of songs.
Jeannie talks about back stage nervousness of the divas.
The result for the crown is awaited.
What is the greatest contribution of your country to the world question for Miss Colombia. My country has been an example for the rets of the world. We are preserving people, who keep fighting. I am proud of my country, she says.
What is the greatest contribution of your country to the world, question for Miss Jamaica. She says we are home to legendary Usain Bolt, Bob Marley. They are classics, so thank you Jamaica.
What is the greatest contribution of your country to the world question for Miss Ukraine. She says we have a difficult situation in our country. Direct our energies in supporting army and our people. We have to restore schools, kindergartens and orphanages.
What is the greatest contribution of your country to the world, asked to Miss Netherlands.
The question posted by fans on FB for Miss USA, ‘What is the greatest contribution towards your country’.
Miss Colombia selects Rob as judge, she smiles while answering. There are men who believe in equality, which women should learn from men, says she.
Miss Jamaica picks Emilio as judge, she answers smartly.
Miss Ukraine picks Lisa as judge and speaks with confidence.
Miss Netherlands selects Giancarlo as judge. She says child prostitution should stop.
Miss USA picks up Manny as judge.
The question round begins.
The activities these beauties did through out their journey in Miami is shown.
Miss Colombia is number five.
Miss Jamaica makes it.
Miss Universe gets lucky to make it in top five.
Miss Netherlands too clears to be in top five.
Miss USA makes it to top five.
Top five to be announced shortly.
Giancarlo says just be natural to the contestants as a small tip. Lisa congrats the contestants.
National Costume winner is Miss Indonesia.
The hosts click a selfie with Miss Puerto Rico.
Miss Photogenic Universe is Puerto Rico.
Miss Congeniality Universe is Nigeria (chosen by her peers).
Miss Congeniality, Miss Photogenic and winner of National Costume is up next.
Nick Jonas entertains the crowd.
Miss USA wears a dramatic red flowy dress, embellished with diamond like studs.
Miss Australia looks beautiful in blue fitted fish-tale gown.
Miss Venezuela rocks in red fitted fish-cut gown.
Miss Spain walks in silver shimmer gown, while Miss Netherlands opts for bright yellow flowy gown.
Miss Philippines stuns in fish-tale white gown.
Miss Argentina looks amazing in silver sheek gown.
Miss Ukraine wears frilly red shimmer dress.
Miss Jamaica walks in gorgeous red dress while Miss Colombia wears shimmery silver gown.
Singer Nick Jonas performs while ladies grace the stage in their evening gowns.
The evening gown round is next.
Miss Spain at number six, Miss Netherlands at seven, Miss Venezuela at eight, Miss Australia at nine and Miss USA at the tenth spot.
Miss Philippines stands at number five.
Miss Ukraine comes third, Miss Argentina clears in too.
First in top ten category is Miss Jamaica, second is Miss Colombia.
Time for top ten contestants.
The beautiful swimsuits were by Yamamay.
Miss Australia looks confident about her walk.
Miss Netherlands takes everyone by storm in her pink bikini.
Miss Brazil makes a happy walk.
Miss Jamaica too impresses all with her bold walk in two piece. Miss Ukraine looks comfortable on stage.
Miss Philippines takes a confident walk, while Miss Argentina has attitude right on.
Prince Royce rocks the stage with his performance.
Next is Miss Spain, who looks happy and confident.
Miss Indonesia looks confident and full of attitude, while Miss Venezuela looks super hot.
Miss USA gets a thundering applause.
Miss Italy looks confident while Miss India Noyonita takes up on stage with elan. Miss France tooks makes a tall presence felt in her swim suit wear.
Miss Colombia sizzles in pink swim suit.
Prince Royce’s performance starts, while contestants come up on stage.
Next is the swimsuit round.
Miss Universe 2013–Gabriela (Venezuela) walks on stage and talks about her activities throughout the year. She visited Indonesia and helped raise funds for the lightening hit place.
Live, Learn, Work and Play–city’s tagline.
A sneak peak into the city of Doral in Miami–the host for 63rd Miss Universe pageant, is given by the hosts.
The winner of National costume round will be announced shortly. Now, viewers can caste their vote on Twitter, and their favourite contestant might win the title.
Top five National costumes were selected by preliminary judges. And they are Miss Germany, Miss India, Miss Indonesia, Miss Canada and Miss Argentina.
The beauties are ready to come up in their National costumes.
Jeannie asks some of these ladies backstage about how they felt on stage, and the answer was unanimous–Oh my God!
Other semi-finalists include: Miss Spain, Miss Philippines, Miss Argentina, Miss Jamaica, Miss Ukraine, Miss Brazil, Miss Netherlands and Miss Australia respectively in that order.
Miss France, Miss USA, Miss Indonesia, Miss Venezuela are in the top 15 semi-finalists list respectively.
Miss Italy is second, Miss India Noyonita Lodh comes in at third spot to join the race in semi-finals.
Miss Colombia is first semi-finalist.
The hosts reveal that this time an audience question will be asked in addition to the judges round. Viewers can leave their question on Facebook.
The judges are: Kristin Cavallari, William Levy, Manny Pacquiao, Louise Roe, Lisa Vanderpump, Emilio Estefan, DeSean Jackson, Nina Garcia, Rob Dyrdek, Giancarlo Stanton.
The hosts take on the show, and are joined by Jeannie Mai back stage.
The gorgeous attire of these beauties makes the crowd shout out loud with excitement.
Noyonita Lodh makes her presence felt as a proud Indian.
The event looks high on music and pomp–with contestants introducing themselves.
Beauties from 88 countries come up on stage amid a cheering crowd.
The contestants introduce themselves on stage.
Natalie Morales and Thomas Roberts start the show as super hosts.
The time has come for all to see beauties from across the globe show their talent to win one of the most coveted titles.

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